Google launched the second instalment of Flutter, Flutter 2.0 in the event Flutter Engage held on 3rd March 2021. Flutter 2.0 has been in the news as there were many speculations by renowned experts who called it a historic launch by Google. This new upgrade comes with a number of features and fixes which are remarkable in their own way. Earlier this year, we posted a blog about the most important Flutter app development tools in 2021 which still holds true for Flutter 2.0.

Prior to this, developers relied on Flutter for Android and iOS app development only. However, with the most recent update, it has expanded the mobile app development services to various other platforms like mac, windows, Linux and more. Moreover, developers can also use Flutter for web app development to be run on a web browser.

This gave a huge relief to the app developers around the world because it is cumbersome to work on multiple platforms for the same project as the logic has to be changed based on the system requirements. Let us find out what is new with Flutter 2.0 in detail.


By tapping in to the strength of web platforms, Flutter has built a foundation for developers to work on interactive web applications. Moreover, it has improved the platform with APIs to build flexible and interactive 2D and 3D graphics.

Along with the HTML renderer, Flutter 2.0 has also introduced a Canvas-Kit based renderer. Additionally, it also includes a Link widget which allows developers to offer a web-app like feel in the browser.


Version 2.0 allows the developers to halt the keyboard events even once they have been commenced. Moreover, developers can shift items in the ReorderableListView widget effortlessly.

The revised scrollbar widget is a new inclusion that provides great interactiveness in the desktop app as developers can work with their thumb. Moreover, the desktop-flutter app displays page and down tracks. Additionally, the mouse hovers in the scroll bar. In the end, they can customise the app as they wish with the new ScrollbarTheme class.

The new Flutter update also allows developers to smooth resizing for macOS and Windows. The Flutter community has now moved ahead in terms of production-quality release and hence you can foresee support for multiple things like native-like text editing, native-level top menus and accessibility support.


Dart team has agreed not to enable null safety by default and it will take place when the entire ecosystem has been shifted successfully. If you would like to use null safety now, you can use ‘dart migrate’ and check the guide for more information. The compiler can run much faster if it doesn’t need to check for nulls all over the code. This allows the app to run faster than ever before.




Autocomplete was demanded for a long time by developers to include auto-complete features in your native apps developed using Flutter. On the other hand, ScaffoldMessenger allows developers to create SnackBar for the action between the scaffold transitions.


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